We’re very pleased that the season has now got well and truly underway.


Unfortunately the spring was not kind to us and our strawberries, and so we’ve opened slightly later in the season than we would have liked. Thankfully the weather has brightened up and the strawberries are ripening up a treat!

pretty strawberry fieldThe sun shining over Lotmead

Our gooseberries look like they’ll be ready in the next week and the broad beans aren’t far behind them. Keep an eye out for onions in the farm shop as our farmers will soon be pulling the best from the ground for you to take home.


Lotmead’s dairy farm is as busy as ever – open to the public between 3.30pm and 5.00pm everyday. Not only do we have hundreds of cows to look after and milk every day, we also have the calves. We currently have nearly 80 calves with births happening everyday!

20150607_143145One of our calves having a snooze on Open Farm Sunday

It’s not just the cows that have their hooves full at the moment. Our pregnant pygmy goats, Molly-Moon and Millie, are due to give birth in a couple of weeks. They’re certainly enjoying the sunshine getting out and about on top of their perch overlooking the other animals.

pygmy goats on hillMolly-Moon showing the other pygmies who is the boss!

We also have a couple of new rabbit litters, we’re just hoping the pygmy goats don’t have quite as many as this!

lickle bunny  They’re so tiny!

The new additions will certainly have plenty of attention to keep them busy! Open Farm Sunday (7th June) was a brilliant day and we’re grateful to everyone who came down to enjoy the attractions on display. Visitors enjoyed talks on strawberry production, beekeeping and seeing our steam engines on display.

old tractor

Our Burrell engine which was built in 1901

 Open Farm Sunday was the first of many family fun-packed weekends taking place here at Lotmead. This weekend (13-14 June) we welcome Horses and Hawks – a great weekend of shire horses and birds of prey.

On 20th and 21st June it will be our Summer Fayre weekend. A smaller version of the infamous Strawberries and Steam, with steam tractors, engines, rides and of course, strawberries, but this year entry is FREE.

The 27th and 28th June will see us welcome a very special guest – Little Grey Fergie! Little Grey Fergie is a living tractor with lots of stories to tell and is a perfect new friend for young children. Find out more about Little Grey Fergie at www.littlegreyfergie.com.

Our Strawberry Rally will take place on 4th and 5th July. An extravaganza of classic cars and vintage automobile lovers, with the added benefit of a discount on your strawberries if you bring a classic vehicle with you!

Our Mid-Summer Fayre, 11th and 12th July, will gently round off the activities with a display of old tractors and agricultural implements, as well as side shows and local products and crafts.

Phew, it’s always full throttle at Lotmead…